Brad Duncan Design Studio



Stephensons are in independent family run catering equipment supplier with over 145 years of experience.


At Brad Duncan Designs we support Stephensons with a comprehensive design and marketing package, a blueprint to raise brand identity and to, ultimately, drive results through sales.

Having formed a strong website design for the company, we work closely with Stephensons to maintain the website providing quality content, technical support, SEO management and statistics.


Through a range of social media networks including facebook, twitter, and Google Plus, we successfully promote the brand and regularly communicate with an ever-increasing social media following.


Additionally, Stephensons entrust us to produce their yearly product catalogue, alongside a number of seasonal offer brochures, the last one of which was some 400 pages and became a valuable company asset.


The Stephensons catalogue has proved to enrich the brands identity and has become widely recognised in the catering industry, distinguishing the company from the competition.